Smoked Out Tail Lights is located in sunny Southern California, and has been smoking tail lights in a production setting longer than anyone out there -for over 15 years now.  I firmly believe in the term "jack of all trades,  master of none." This is why painting tail lights is all we do - and we've mastered it!  I've  built this business with the highest quality of product in mind.  I hold those same values now as I did then. We take the utmost pride in each set of lights we produce.  Adequate  time is taken on every set and no corners are cut no matter how busy we become. Our work has been in numerous car shows, magazines and websites all over the U.S and 44 other countries we do business in.  I've have seen several ''competitors" come and go throughout the years with no staying power, trying to replicate our proven process without success. I encourage you to do the research and know you are dealing with the best who stand by quality work with a proven track record.

     They're  many ways to smoke tail lights, and over the years I've tried them all. My smoking process is not quickest but surely the most aesthetically pleasing. I aim for the most crisp, cleanest appearance possible -things you will not find with a film, or a rattle can. All work is done inside a professional spray booth with professional spray guns and highly effective air filtration to produce the cleanest possible finish. The lights are finished with high gloss automotive urethane UV resistant clear coat (same stuff that comes on your vehicle from the factory).  This is followed by an infrared drying system. The end result is a truly professional product.  

smoked out tail lights smoking service